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We use the finest kiln-dried materials, to prevent your bed floor from shrinking or warping.

Offering a full line of zinc coated and polished stainless steel fastener kits for classic pick up trucks. Also offer steel and stainless bed strips and angle strips.


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Our bed parts are built by a reputable, long standing, US manufacturer.

Customize Your Truck Bed

New Life for Your Steel Bed

Our Traditions Series wood bed liners install over top of your existing floor, to provide a fresh new look. We can do this for classic and late model trucks, vans, and SUV's.

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Fine Wood Working in the Bed of Your Truck

Our Stratified Series was born out of a desire to bring something new to the bedwood industry, that maintained the traditional nature of a wood bed floor. Drawing from years of experience as a custom woodworker, I knew that there were ways of crafting the boards that would improve their stability while providing a distinctive look to the truck bed.

The Stratified Series - Continuous Strip kits are made by laminating narrow strips of wood to make the bedwood boards. The result of this process is a board that is more resistant to bowing, twisting, and cracking than a single-piece board. Our method for joining the strips also creates a connection that is stronger than the wood itself.

Custom Bedwood

If you are looking for something different? Contact us and see what our custom shop can do for you.

Serving You Since 2015

Hindsight Bedwood was launched by Natural Inspirations Woodworking in order to provide Canadian truck owners with a local supplier for all their bedwood needs.

As a woodworker and a lover of classic trucks, I was able to combine two of my passions.

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